Damrey Chak Thlork Community Forestry

Phnom Sruoch District is one of high land area rich of natural resources such as stone, forest, wild lives, mountain range and fertilized soil that would be an attractive target for investment companies and powerful people. Damrey Chak Thlork forest situated in Krang Dey Vay Commune, Phnom Sruoch District, Kampong Speu Province. While land grabbing, deforestation for plantation and mining are spreading very fast,

 the community members have been very concerned about losing their community land and forest. Damrey Chak Thlork is rich of diverse kinds of natural resources and biodiversities. Big trees and many wild animals are still remaining.

To protect this precious forest sustainably, Damrey Chak Thlork community forestry was initiated since 2004 by community’s initiative with technical support from LWF and facilitation from MoE and it was then transferred to under control be Forestry Administration (FA) in 2005. Under FA authority, Damrey Chak Thlork was not recognised and it was requested to re-establish to follow community forestry steps of FA. It was enrolled with CSPPM on November 11, 2008 by Srer Khmer Organization. Eleven executive committee members (one female) were elected. It comprises 714 (360 females) members registered. Up to date, the request to form community forestry was submitted to District and Provincial Governor for permission to establish community forestry occupied over 1200 hectares.

In willingness to protect the forest for sustainable management by community, the elected executive committee members are playing very important role in leading and manage the forest even though this community is not officially acknowledged by the government. The patrol team consists of 92 people divided into 16 teams were established. From January up to date, the community took actions on illegal logging and violations totally 10 cases and also extracted illegal materials and inform to local forestry administration for intervention. In close cooperation with local FA, violators were fined, warned and educated.

 From day to day, the executive members’ roles and responsibilities are strengthened and trust among CBO executives and its members was built and consolidated. Training on proposal writing and planning was provided by Srer Khmer staff. The CBO executives now are able to identify issues and develop proposal for seeking support. A small grant proposal for CBO executive capacity building was granted by CSPPM. An exchange visit on CBO management was conducted for CBO executives and Commune Council totally 17 (2 females) to Kampong Thom Province. Other two training courses on Land Law, CDP/CIP and Report Writing will be trained soon.